10:49am 12-11-2019
Rodney Degens
Yes, I also built a Farrier, an F82R. Mine was without vacuum bagging unfortunately. I think the F82 is not large enough and the F39 is probably the right size, except it can't be trailered which probably doesn't matter. Can we still get the F39 plans?
Replied on: 11:42am 12-11-2019

Hi Rodney,
F39 building plans by Farrier Marine are not available anymore. Try second hand. Maybe put your question for unused F39 building plans on the F-Boat forum.

10:23pm 04-13-2019
Jaap Maaskant
Hallo beste bootbouwer.

Ze ligt in het water. Je hebt jaren erin gestopt om haar zover te krijgen. Knap, heel knap.
En nu ? Zit je er even doorheen ? Ligt ze al in het water maar ergens toch te vroeg ?
Omdat er nog zoveel niet af is ? Of ga je binnenkort gewoon weer door?
Want het is een pracht van een schip. Met een lijntje om te zoenen.
De kleuren die je gekozen hebt, respect.
Wat je reden ook is om er even bij stil te gaan staan of zitten. Is oké.

En toch wil ik je laten weten dat ik, en velen met mij vermoed ik, uitkijken naar de volgende stappen
in het ontstaan van Fram.


Groet, Jaap.
3:11pm 02-04-2019
just a test
12:48pm 01-30-2019
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11:57am 01-13-2019
Well done mate. Back in the day I built a couple Cirro Stratus and Ian's first prod moulds
11:46pm 11-29-2017
Russell Rima
I participated in the construction of a fiberglass airplane (which I own). Now my interest is in sailboats (primarily multihull) for cruising (exploring) the world (possible). The method of construction is the main focus at this point.
9:49am 11-15-2017
Mike Tarifa
Hi there!
I am a Sailor and Engineer starting a small scale production of typical canoes,in Florianopolis,South brasil,and i am doing some research to learn all about infusion,which is the technique i intend to use:
This page is really great! Congratulations and thanks a lot for sharing your know how and dedicating your time to do so!!
1:34pm 09-04-2017
Ken Botha
Your explanation of vacuum and pressures are to the point and easy to follow. Thanks Ken
7:20am 08-29-2017
allan Sharp
What a Vessel! Really enjoy your site and building process! Good Work and Inspiration.
8:30pm 06-23-2017
Deze site is pure vintage internet goodness. En er wordt nog op gereageerd ook. Moge goede wind en fijne zon je dagen vullen!
8:11pm 06-11-2017
John Mottl
Hello there,
Just thought I'd give yopu another update on our F36.
Our plans are on trckto depart September 17th 2017 on our openended cicumnavigation. Sold my buisness, listed much of my acreage, leased my home out for three years, doing a major refit on Max-Q.... Maybe we will be out your way in five years! We'll spend a couple years in the EU and Ireland.
All the best,
John and Melanie
8:39am 04-30-2017
GC Cirlova
Great job.Your blog is very helpful.
3:12am 01-19-2017
Jan Hendrik Almoes
Hey Henny,
schiet aardig op! wordt allemaal echt heel mooi en mega sterk zie ik wel. Heb je een geschatte datum wanneer het schip af is?

Jan Hendrik
Replied on: 10:42pm 01-19-2017

Deze zomer ?

11:22am 12-21-2016
This is the boat I love! Great Job!
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