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10:03pm 10-07-2016
Very interesting project[URL=">.[/URL] Enjoyed looking and reading.
where are you located? What is asking price of your boat as constructed. Also will purchase the starter kit.
2:57am 07-17-2016
Neville McElroy
G'Day from Sydney

Fantastic job such patience and perfection.

9:11am 12-14-2015
Good morning from Barcelona,

We are a group of engineering students from Barcelona doing some basic project of developing a better equipment for Farrier F-39. Your blog has been very helpful to get some info and learn more about the boat !

Awsome job! :)
11:34pm 12-13-2015
SV Skot
Dag Fram,

Leuke informatieve site!

Hebben jullie nog vertrekkers pilots/vaarwijzers te koop?

Graag horen wij van je.

Dank alvast.

Vriendelijke groet,
Victor en Margaret
Replied on: 11:16pm 12-14-2015

Helaas, geen vaarwijzers te koop.

3:18pm 12-02-2015
Paul Jeffcoate
Hi I love your website I find it Fascinating and very impressive. We are building a F9AX here in the south of England, and we use vacuum bagging etc. the hull are virtually complete and we are fairing ready to spray in the Spring, the inside is partly fitted out.
11:46am 11-10-2015
Manuel Vargas
8:51pm 09-19-2015
12:09am 07-11-2015
Phillip N dillon
Has anyone built one in wood?
7:29pm 07-06-2015
Hi Ian !!!
And what if LOA will be 60'?
10:15pm 09-15-2014
jim mcmullen
Very interesting project. Enjoyed looking and reading.
where are you located? What is asking price of your boat as constructed. Also will purchase the starter kit.
10:31pm 08-25-2014
Gareld Jouvenat
Thank you so much for taken the time to make this webpage. I am at the "turning dreams to plans" stage (F-39 still deciding) and finding your webpage today was great to here real world experience and unique new information...your DVD is on the shopping list.
9:29pm 07-08-2014
David Eiland
Thank you for the information. I plan to purchase your "starter kit" to get a better understanding of the infusion process.
6:05pm 05-07-2014
Marnix Munneke
Hallo Henny, zomaar even een berichtje. Ik was even benieuwd hoever je bent gevorderd.. en nam derhalve even een kijkje.. Klopt het dat je hem nu in het water hebt liggen of is dat een ander jacht? Als dat zo is heb je wel weer keihard gewerkt zeg!! Succes.. groet Marnix
2:47am 12-22-2013
Brian in Pasadena CA
Congratulations on your final big infusion, that must have been nervous time for you but I'm glad to see everything went well. Although still a ways to go, I'm sure now that you will finish this long project successfully and have a wonderful boat that you can sail with unmatched pride.
10:32pm 09-14-2013
hi. thanks for the insight. i am planning to make a custom trimaran and have just started to pin point the correct details. peace n good sailing to yuo n yours
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