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6:13pm 04-26-2013
David Scott
Hi Henny,Engelien gave me your website so I am just saying hi,and well done it looks great.
5:26pm 03-29-2013
riccardo moro
I am reading with much attention after finding your website after two or three months of having hooked up to the dream of Catamaran Power one for use in Lake Victoria - Uganda with my mate Ggingo. He has started this project with much ambition and crazyness, but it is now Our dream, and approaching to climax by small steps forward.
I am still in half way reading your story, have returned to it for the 3D modelling and Modelling is very intriguing and being a hydraulic engineer by training, will resume study of informatics, or at least applications you ae suggesting.d raised in the great lakes region, and this retirn to my origins in a way is stimulating, you call adrenalin boost
Bravo and Xiao
I was born an
8:23pm 01-08-2013
Jak Mang
I'm trying to contact Nico about details on his CNC setup. My Nederlands is poor, but my wife is from Holland if that is an issue.

Jak Mang
Port Townsend, Washington USA
8:28pm 12-19-2012
Juergen Schildgen
Hi Fram,

very nice and detailed explanation of vacuum infusion and its advantages and pitfalls. It is the best documentation I`ve ever read. Have you ever experienced MTI? Could be a further step towards perfection.

Regards Juergen
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